Can invoices be deleted so they don't show up?

I have a few invoices that I needed to delete. I’ve marked them deleted, but they still show up in some views.
Is there a way to delete an invoice so it doesn’t show up?

Example, while viewing the list of invoices, and I select PAID as the filter, my deleted invoices still show up. Yes, they have a line thru them, but they are in the list. I don’t have DELETED in the filter, just PAID.

I marked them as PAID before deleting them so they wouldn’t show up in the UNPAID filter list. Is there a more accepted way of getting rid of unwanted invoices?

Or, is that the expected outcome? Do I just need to ignore them and work around them?


If you set your filter to “Active”, it will only show invoices that haven’t been marked as deleted or archived.

I have the system set PAID invoices to ARCHIVED. To view all PAID invoices, I select the PAID filter and it shows DELETED invoices as well. It’s not a huge problem, just an extra step to filter PAID and ARCHIVED. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong.


Not doing anything wrong that I know of, just a different way of doing things in the system. AFAIK, it will return any invoice that matches all of the selected filters, so if Paid is the only one, anything marked as paid will show, deleted or not. Whereas if you select Archived and Paid at the same time, you’ll only get the invoices that match both of those filters.

Not sure if it would be possible to have a setting where deleting an invoice excludes it from any list that doesn’t include “Deleted” in the filters, but might be worth submitting a feature request.