Can I remove the "switch to react" button on 5.7.13


I just installed v5.713 today and tried to customize it so far. Nice work!
One thing that bothers me is the react button. When I accidentally click on it, I need to access the database to be able to access the app again.
Especially when I think about a multi-user case, this really bothers me. I’m fine with the legacy (?) design.
Is there an elegant way to remove the button?




It sounds like the larger problem is the white screen, you should see the React app which has a Flutter button to switch back. Please check again with the latest update, there have been some related changes.

Note: if you like the Flutter interface we recommend downloading the desktop app, it’s the same app just faster: OS tools - Invoice Ninja


Thank you for your response.

In my case it is just a 404. And I’m planning to use it with other users, so my priority is to remove anything that could go wrong. Especially since it is a button on the home screen and not a hidden setting.

Please check again with the latest release.

updated to the version released yesterday: still not working. :confused:

Which version of the app are you now using?

@david may have some suggestions.

the white screen should be fixed in 5.7.22


Sorry for my late reply. It was usable a few versions ago. The automatic update installed version 5.7.27 and the 404 error is back. A bit frustrating (immediately after purchasing white label it is not usable anymore).


You can run this SQL query to switch back:

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

It works, thank you!