Can i move public notes from bottom to top?

I want to move the public notes from bottom to top of the documents. How can i move it? My invoice design is based on “Plain”.

If i type:
<p class="public_notes">$public_notes</p>

But the public notes will be shown on top an on the bottom.


It should be possible using a custom design

Okay thanks.

Invoice design → content:
<p class="public_notes">$public_notes</p>

Invoice design → includes:
.public_notes {
margin-top: 1.5rem;

But now the public_notes will be shown on top and on the bottom.
Any ideas how i can disable the notes on bottom? I cant find any code under “includes” which is relatet to public_notes.

@ben can you please assist?

Hey there, this can be done with CSS.

[data-ref="total_table-public_notes"] { display: none; }

More info on how do we get these selectors: Free Open-Source Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja

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Thank you! That works fine.

Is it possible that the size of A4 paper is wrong?
In Germany the size is 210mm x 297mm my invoice documents are in 215,9mm x 279,4mm.

Do you have $page_size & $page_layout in the @page section of includes?

However, you can always custom set this to something like this:

size: 100mm 150mm

Nice to know. Thanks.

But if i type in a individual small size i get a page which looks like A4 but the document is in the A4 page with white borders.

Is there any other setting for PDF size?

Unfortunately, all we got is on the link I sent you previously :+1: