Can I link an expense to a project?

Hi, I would like to attach / link individual expenses to a project (not for invoicing) but to track my spending for individual projects. Can I do that in invoice ninja? Thanks


Yes, it’s supported in the latest version of the app.

Hi Hillel, Thanks. Can I also do that on the desktop app? Also, om my desktop I don’t see the time tracker buttom visible when I’m looking at tasks. Is there a way to turn it on? Thanks

Can you recommend a good video tutorial for me? Thanks

Yes, it’s also supported in the desktop app.

Do you want to post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

You can find our videos here:

If you click ‘More actions’ you’ll see an option to start the task.

Thanks Hillel but is there any way I can get my screen to look like this with the time tracker and projects tabs visible?

The projects option is now in the main left navigation sidebar.

There isn’t a separate time tracker app but we do provide a Chrome extension.

Thank you Hillel I really appreciate your support