Can I have different domain for a new company in InvoiceNinja?

I have InvoiceNinja installed with one company setup already, and I just added another company to this instance to avoid having to setup a new invoiceninja instance on the server with all the duplicate updates/logins etc.

How do I specify a different domain for the second company?
For example, my first company’s invoiceninja URL is “” and I need the second company to be something else like “”.
So I need the invoice links/client portal for company2 to be different domain than company1. Thanks

nevermind I found out the solution from this post

I believe the different-domain-per-company functionality is also in the v5 UI now because under Company Settings>Client Portal you can set a different Domain URL per company.

I love invoiceNinja!! You have thought of every possible option and the whole UI is great.

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Is this working for you or do you need more help?

It is working
How can I contribute this to the documentation site? I can’t find it as part of the official documentation and it’s a working feature that can be marketed since no other invoicing system has this.

Glad to hear it’s working, the docs are here: GitHub - invoiceninja/ Documentation for Invoice Ninja