Can I choose my subdomain?

Hello. I just migrated over to v5 and I see there’s an option to choose a subdomain. The default is “mumebage” which I assume is a gibberish placeholder. When I try to change this in the client portal settings, the “save” button is grayed out and I can’t save changes.

Is this normal? Can I make a change to this on the free tier?


There’s a workaround to change the subdomain on the free plan. If you temporarily clear the company name on Settings > Company Details you’ll see the setup popup on the dashboard which will enable you to change the subdomain.

Terrific! I got that to work. For future reference, I cleared out my name in the top line of company details. Saved it, returned to dashboard. Then the popup asked for my business name and subdomain.

Then I could return to settings>client portal and see that my subdomain had changed.