Can I accept payments from multiple payment gateways at a time?

Hi, I need to know about this feature. I know Invoice Ninja offers dynamic range of payment gateways. I need to know that can I add two or more gateways at a time? Like my client have an option to pay via paypal, stripe or


The app supports PayPal + Stripe or PayPal + but not Stripe +

We’re currently working on v2 and plan to support this in the future.

Hi, thanks alot for the reply. Im using the free version. Currently I have added Paypal pro which is working fine. But when I click add gateway option, it only gives me option for paypal express, bitPay, Gocardless and some custom gateway options. How can I add stripe or with paypal? The option for this is not showing.

Thanks for the help.

It isn’t supported, the app only supports one credit card gateway per company.

As you quoted: “The app supports PayPal + Stripe or PayPal + but not Stripe +”
How can I add a paypal + stripe or paypal + setup. Kindly elaborate.

Many thanks for the help.

You can use PayPal Express with a credit card gateway, not PayPal Pro