Can a customer update their autobill payment method from the client portal?

A customer would like to change the saved credit card that is being used for recurring stripe set to auto bill each month. What’s the best way for them to do this? The only option I see in the client portal related to autobill is under invoices/manage autobill/disable.

They’d need to remove their card on file and then pay the next invoice with their new card.

Thanks Hillel. How do they remove the card on file? I’m assuming they click on invoices/manage autobill/disable. When the customer receives a new invoice, will it default back to autobill, even through they’ve turned off autobilling or will they have to manually re-enable it?

There should be a small ‘X’ next to the card on the client portal dashboard page.

Sorry if I’m missing something, but I don’t see any option like that. Maybe there’s an option I need to enable?

The client dashboard page (from the client’s perspective) only shows columns date, message, balance, and adjustment.

Is the client portal dashboard enabled here:

Yes it is enabled. When I click on “view client portal” from my login, I can see tabs for dashboard, invoices and payments. There is no small x or card option showing on the dashboard tab…just a series of invoices and payments. The invoices tab shows the “manage autobill” button. That’s the only billing related option I see from the client portal side.

Is there a ‘Payment Methods’ section on the dashboard page?

Which gateway are you using?

No, there is not a payment methods section on the client portal dashboard page. To be clear, I’m referring to the page I see when I click on “view client portal” from the business side portal. From the business owner’s dashboard, I can see columns for payment method and source. I’m using Stripe as the autobill gateway.

Do you see ‘View in Stripe’ on the client overview page in the app?


I’m not sure, if you’re on our hosted platform and email us at a link to the client portal we can try to debug it.