Buyer Can't Pay Using Form - Italy

Hi, I have a buyer trying to pay using Ninja Invoice and Stripe. I sent the invoice and now she says she needs an IBAN number. Is that an error that popped up? Are there special instructions for sending invoices to foreign countries?

I know IBAN is usually when you do a wire transfer from a bank.

Please explain.

PS I am based in the USA.

It sounds like you may have enabled ACH support with Stripe, you can disable it by editing the gateway settings.

Where are the gateway setting? Can’t find in dashboard.

You need to click ‘Stripe’ on /settings/online_payments

Only “settings” I see is “Account Settings” under the drop down menu of our company name. Under that there is only Apple Pay and Payments. Clicking on both does not get me to online payments.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. The settings are in Invoice Ninja, not Stripe.

Thank you for that. Checked and ACH is NOT checked. :o(

Hmm… can you ask them to send you a screenshot.

Yes, I can do that. Thanks.