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I have just managed to install invoiceninja on localhost. My need is to remove invoiceninja logo on invoices and quotes, I looked everywhere but couldn’t find any link to make payment besides the built-in one on settings page within the application. I don’t want to use and dont have a hosting account. My requirement is to prepare invoices on my computer. So can you please send a link or guide me.


There should be a link in the footer of the page.

Hi Hilel, thanks, but the link does not connect and take me to the payment gateway because I’m usiing http localhost. When I copy the link and paste it in the browser, it takes me back to the dashboard. And I get this error message - “An error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.”
I had another question, after payment is made, do I need to be connected to invoice ninja servers from within the application for authenticating licence key?

You need to be connected to the internet to purchase and then validate the license, once the license is enabled you don’t need to be connected to continue using it.

Ok thanks, will have to figure out how to do that from localhost! Will go through the manual.

Hi Hilel, I have now purchased white Label License, I received invoice (number 3246) by email, but there is no key. And the invoice link also does not work. Can you please send the key so I can activate.

Can you please email the invoice link to

It may work in a different browser.

Solved! Thanks.

Hi Hilel
I’m not very tech savyy, I think something terrible went wrong after I customized the ‘plain’ invoice template and now the system or page just freezes up every time I go to invoice page.
I had a question, if I want to reinstall invoiceninja on the same localhost domainto start afresh, can I use the license that I purchased?

You should be able to reset the invoice design to fix it, which browser are you using?

Yes, you can reuse the license if you need to reinstall or move the app.

I had imported clients, products and custom invoice templates (json) from an installation on another drive which I had installed initially for testing the software. This must have corrupted database tables and/or it is showing javascript errors.
I’m on latest Firefox 54.0.1 on Windows 10. And resetting the invoice doesn’t help in javascript errors. Every template I select freezes the pane.
To save trouble I think I’ll just do a reinstall as I don’t have any data in it yet. I just delete the database and do a fresh install right?

Thanks for your help!

It could be related to Firefox, try applying the change in this comment:

Fixing the file didn’t work for me though I read from your link that it had worked for someone. But I’ve figured out a way by using comodo dragon browser, it renders the preview perfectly and doesn’t freeze. I’m up and running!
Want to thank you for your help and just as your app is brilliant, so is your support. Cheers

I just purchased the white label lic but nothing happened. I get a page that say’s “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

I also didn’t get a lic in my email.

Please forward the payment email to and I’ll send you your license.

If you didn’t get an email you can send the value from this SQL query instead.

select account_key from accounts where id = 1;

Is there any possibility I can activate whitelabel through CLI? I have tried to find the option to activate in settings on Web App, but it does not show.

To give context: I previously installed on CPanel through softalicious and reinstalled on my own private VPS. I can no longer find the settings in the “Settings” menu to activate White Label.

Please help @hillel