Buy Now not work | 404

I need support[somenumbersandcharacter]&product_id=2

doesn’t work

404 not found

Where i can get the right account_key? Is it a api-key?

You can generate a buy now link in the app on Settings > Client Portal


It may be from your web server configuration, it looks like /public/buy_now/ is being redirected to /buy_now.

We recommend removing /public from the URL by mapping the folder to the web root.

Thank you.

Sometimes it is so easy.

Why is this being redirected ?
My Buy Now buttons do not work and this makes no sense. The link generated from the Buy Now button creator inside the admin provides us with the URL

However when this is inserted into a browser it redirects to

And we get a 404 not found.

There is no redirect from anything no .htaccess file and all of this was working previously.

Any ideas why this is now failing ? Why is it being redirected ?


Just to add this however DOES WORK ??

Try removing the forward slash after ‘buy_now’ in the first link