Buy now links in v5 (subscriptions)

When i create a subscription, and i give the subscription link to someone, they reach the page that ask to login, so they use passwordless auth, then follow the link via email, but then when selecting a payment type (credit card or paypal) it ask them to login, instead of creating an account. It seems we have lost the functionnality of buy now buttons. Or maybe i’m doing something wrong ?

I don’t see how to make buy now buttons other than with subscription anyway

Does someone figured this out ?



@david can you please advise?

I wasn’t able to recreate this. Can you try using an email which isn’t in your system to test. This should create a blank contact - and then step them through the payment process.


i continued my testings, and for unknown reason, the email i was using for testing is getting me errors, might be because of gmail linked accounts or something, i then did some try with other emails with succes ! Sorry about that !

Thanks !