Buy now buttons

Is it possible to create recurring payments with a buy now button? When a user clicks on buy now button, he pays the invoice and the invoice will be recurring. Can this be accomplished?

Thank you.

It isn’t currently supported.

Is it on the roadmap? I want to replace WHMCS (which i use only for basic stuff) with invoiceninja and this feature is holding me back.

Yes, we hope to add it eventually…

I wouldn’t suggest waiting though as we don’t have a predictable time frame for new features.


This is what I asked you about earlier in an email that I need as well.

Is this the feature that you have said will be implemented in the next few weeks during the next release?


Yes, it’s the same feature.


In this upcoming feature, is setting “Auto-Bill” the


for showing the “Buy Now” button in every recurring invoice that follows?


The auto bill settings determine if we should auto bill the card on file when sending the invoice or not.


Sorry, I’m a tad confused. In the above post you referred to the “Support Recurring Buy Now Buttons” feature here: and it shows the auto-bill option turned on.

I don’t want to bill any card on file. Every month when they receive their invoice, I just want the ability for them to click, fill out there CC info, and pay using the “Pay Now” button.

Therefore, Auto-Bill should be turned OFF in this case, no?


That’s correct.

OK, thanks. Hope to see that soon.