Buy Now Buttons - where are they?


I’ve created a couple of Buy Now Buttons within Client Portal but where do I actually find them once created if I want to refer back to them?

Do I need to use Zapier sync client information back into InvoiceNinja once client has paid?



The buy now links aren’t saved, you need to copy and store them.

When a client pays a buy now invoice the app asks for their details. You’d only need to use Zapier if you want to sync with another app.


Thanks for quick reply.

Not for me. I get a big regulation sign that says NO! I can’t copy and past nothing.

I think the no sign is to prevent manually changing the link after it’s created, I believe you should be able to copy/paste it.

I see the option to enable buy now buttons in the client portal but the initial post here talks about creating buy now buttons, where do you do that?

please disregard, I see the options appear after enabling the buttons :frowning: