Bulk invoice download not working

Hello team,
Im having troubles to download invoices from last year. I want to download 102 of them, but when I try to do it a message states that i will receive a link to download them and I never get it. I confirm that email works. I checked debug log, and I see that files are being generated 1 by 1, but after generating 15 approx that process ends and email is never sent. I checked on the server and max_execution_time is set to 3000, but it takes 1 minute approx to do this 15. Any ideas?

Thank you!


Is the queue set to database or sync in the .env file?

Thank you,
To database: QUEUE_CONNECTION=database

Are there any errors in storage/logs or the web server error logs?

No, I just see:
[2023-09-08 02:54:17] production.INFO: https://domain.com/phantom/invoice/3ndyXgvWlZvvsv8PxZa6et1E5U3DPX0s?phantomjs_secret=secret
like 15 of those and then it stops.

Have you checked the web server error log? If the script times out I’d expect to see an error.

No errors logged, but I just realized it allways die after exactly 60 second, so had to be some server limitation isnt it?

Or maybe its about I have the cronjob scheduled for every minute?

Ok, found out that default timeout for jobs is 60 seconds, I just runned
php artisan queue:work --timeout=3000 and seems to be working properly.
Thank you!

Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing the solution!