Bulk delete or override products


What is the easiest way to override all products? Prices are regularly updated in our inventory, and we need a quick means to override all products in Invoice Ninja with up-to-date product prices. I’ve been deleting all products and then importing a CSV, but this requires selecting and deleting products in batches of 20. Very slow and tedious. I would rather be able to delete all at once and then reupload from scratch. Is this possible?



If you upload a CSV file I believe it should update any products which match the product key

I tried importing and now I have twice as many products, doubles of everything with varying prices. Looks like I need to delete these, any way to mass delete all products?

You can use the checkbox on the data table to delete multiple rows at once

When I hit the checkbox, it says that it’s selecting 50 products. When I hit delete, it actually only deletes 20 products. This means I have to select this box and press delete at least 30 times in order to delete all 600 products. There has to be a better way…

I’m not sure, we’ll need to look into this issue