Bug: Windows app (from Windows App Store v.2022-07-13) crashes when using search


In the last version of the Windows app, there is an issue with the search field. I have tried searching invoices for clients’ names and it gives irrelevant results (the invoice list does reorder upon “searching”, but it’s not clear what happens exactly, as the listed items make no sense compared to the search input). Also, whenever I use a space (" ") in the search field, the app completely freezes. For instance, a search for “Sotheby’s International” just makes the app stop responding and I then have to force close it.

In comparison, the web app on Edge (v5.4.9-C87) works perfectly: the search results are relevant to the input and spaces do not make anything crash.

Thanks for looking into that!


You can change the behavior by disabling the flexible search option on Settings > Device Settings

Great, I was not aware of that new feature, thanks! Turning it off did work to fix my issue, but as I tested it further, I noticed that anything over 16 characters in the search field will make the app crash.

For instance, I can search for “1234567890123456”, but if I search for “12345678901234567”, it just hangs with flexible search turned on.

There seems to me no limitation on the number of characters in the search with flexible search turned off: I can search for “1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890” with no problem.

Thanks for the details!