Bug: Tasks listed dates and actual recorded dates not matching - v5.3.18-C59


When reviewing my time data related to a task I noticed that the listed dates and the actual recorded dates sometimes do not match; I wonder if it may be related to a previous report of a similar problem with expenses dates not matching between the table display and the details panel (here: Expenses and date listing - Discourse (invoiceninja.com)).

Here is a screenshot showing my issue:

The correct date is 2021-10-02, so the list should show “Sat Oct 2, 2001” instead of “Sun Oct 3, 2001”.

No all dates are mismatching though, so I can’t tell exactly how to reproce the issue.



It may be the same as this issue:

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Interesting. If it’s indeed a daylight saving issue, I am in the EST Time Zone, so that would apply to my situation too.

In any case, it’s not a major problem (at least for me) since I do not bill tasks directly and merely use them to manage projects workflows internally, but still, I’ll look forward for this to be fixed eventually if you can find how to replicate it :relieved:

Thanks a lot!

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