Bug Reports for v5.5.103-W113

Some bugs I came across recently:

  1. Invoices are sent out to all contacts marked on it, but payment receipts are sent out only to the first (or one contact)
  2. The Windows app logs you out if your credentials change (intended feature), but if the server is not reachable (for example, if the domain expires, etc.), the app loading screen keeps spinning endlessly forever and you need to go to the app settings on Windows and reset the app. I think after a few attempts it should throw an error with an option to try again later or change/update the credentials if needed.


  1. @david any thoughts?
  2. Not sure about this one, if there’s a temporary network issue it would log the user out which may not be ideal.
  1. is a design change made. We saw a large number of requests for the behaviour to change to a single payment receipt.
  1. In that case, is there a way to select who the receipt goes to, or toggle an option to send it to them all?
  2. Or maybe after a few attempts you can keep a button to change credentials?

@hillel thoughts on this ?

  1. I’m up for adding an option for this, people seem to want to choose between the two behaviors
  2. Maybe, these kinds of changes make me nervous