Bug: Partial payment emails not firing (v5.5.118)

InvoiceNinja Version: v5.5.118-W114
Bug: Partial payment emails not firing
Description: The app sends out payment receipts for full payments, but not for partial payments, despite having a set template for it as well as having all the settings (send email button and email settings) in place.

Troubleshooting conducted already:

  1. Checked whether the “send email” button was toggled on while entering payment (manual payment entry)
  2. Checked email settings to ensure that they are in order.
  3. Checked logs, and there appear to be no failed email logs (the latest logs after witnessing the bug speak of autobilling for the last several days)


@david do you have any suggestions?


I cannot recreate this issue… All tests for partial payment invoices are passing for me.