Bug or changed functionality? HTML tags in invoice

Hi guys,

we’ve been using IN close to two years now and are quite happy with it.
However, starting with one of the latest versions (don’t know exactly which one, sorry - but at least from v5.8.23 on) there seems to have been a change to the sanitizing of HTML tags in invoices and quotes in the flutter webapp. Usually we’re styling our product info with HTML tags like <b>Some text</b> or <em>more text</em> but as of lately closing tags aren’t working anymore as the / gets automatically replaced by - (eg. </b> changes to <-b>).

Any idea why this is happening and what we can do to prevent it?
For testing purposes I switched to the react app, and it has the same behaviour. However I cannot recreate it in the react demo and flutter demo is not loading for me. Currently running IN v5.8.25-C155 on my system, no errors in logs present.

Any help would be really appreciated!


Sorry for the trouble, please create an issue on GitHub to track the problem.

After updating to v5.8.27 the problem seems to have been solved - though I still don’t know what was causing it in the first place :man_shrugging:

Glad to hear it, thanks for letting us know!

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