BUG: Calendar Icon when editing Payment

If you post a manual payment for the wrong date then go back to edit it, the calendar icon doesn’t do anything. You must enter the date in the textbox.

I’m having trouble reproducing the problem, are you using the latest version?

Also, are there any errors in the browser console?

Using the latest; using the latest Chrome too.

Thanks, that’s helpful!

The error implies the problem is related to the currency conversion feature, the app is failing to find the referenced currency id.

If you’d like to help debug the problem you can click the ‘edit:1239’ link in the browser console and let me know which line is failing. I’ll provide you a line of code to debug the currency id.

I’ve checked in a check for this, here’s the change if you want to patch your code:


If you have the time it’d still be helpful to understand why the app is failing for you.