Broken sending email screen

It’s showing PHP code when sending emails.

It’s happening on the hosted and self-hosted app.


This is by design. In some cases we won’t know the value of the variable until after the invoice is sent, for example the invoice number if the app is configured to set it when sending the email.

@hillel thank you.

Just one more question, I have enabled payment through Stripe, but once I finish typing the card number if shows a field to enter the zip code right after the CVV, but I don’t need a zip code, Invoice Ninja v4 does not ask for such field.

Btw, I have disabled the Zip Code field in the Payment Gateway settings.

@david @ben any thoughts on this?

I think we are forcing the postal code as this improves Stripes ability to process a transaction, you may end up with failed transactions without this field… We could remove it, but it may not be ideal.

What do you think about making the UI match the required fields settings?

@david got it, but at least here in Brazil, asking only for the zip code is kinda weird, when payment gateways here ask for a zip code, they will actually ask for the full address.
Also, zip codes here have the following format 99999-999, and the field that is showing there has only 5 digits xD



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Thanks for reporting this to us! It should work as expected in the upcoming version.