Brand logo Display

Logo not display on invoice and also in the setting > company details>log. I installed and checked on different shared hosting.


Are there any errors in the browser console?

The most solution for this problem is to correct the APP_URL in the .env file and then re-upload the logo.

it’s the same

hosted URL:

I suggest confirming that mod_rewrite is enabled.

Yes it enabled already

I wouldn’t expect to see index.php in the URL, it typically means mod_rewrite isn’t working.

If you’ve made any changes it may help to re-upload the logo.

Yes, it shows index.php when I visit the URL. I just changed the app name and also installed it many times but have the same issue.

Can you please copy/paste the URL for the logo from the error in the browser console?

thank you it’s working now.

Glad to hear it, how did you fix it?

I change the storage folder permission and it worked.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing the solution!