Braintree vs Stripe and questions

Hello everyone!

I’m very new with Invoice Ninja and I was wondering which of these two merchant accounts / payment gateways were more robustly supported by Invoice Ninja.

Braintree and Stripe.

I would very much like to use Braintree because I’ve heard awful things about Stripe. But I read through these forums that Braintree’s hooks aren’t supported, so the status of invoices isn’t marked via Invoice Ninja. Is this still the case? If it’s true, will webhook support be coming? Does Stripe’s integration have webhook support?

Am I stuck using Paypal with the Braintree integration or can I use Braintree’s other methods of payments like card processing / Venmo / etc?

And of course, your opinion is also really important. Which of these two services have you used / would use over the other and why?

We support webhooks with Stripe but not Braintree, they’re needed by Stripe to support ACH.

You can use Braintree’s credit cards, not sure about Venmo though.

In general the Stripe integration in our app is more developed than Braintree.

Thank you for the quick response!

I was looking at the roadmap and didn’t see anything about Braintree. Would adding webhooks / further integration be something Invoice Ninja is working on? Or should I just go with Stripe?

We don’t have immediate plans to add webhooks for Braintree.

If it’s important to you Stripe is the better choice.

I’ve used Stripe for years… their API works absurdly well and they’re responsive to questions.

Take any ‘awful’ comments with a grain of salt. They haven’t grown at the rate they have by treating folks badly or having a shoddy product.

Thanks for your input @sharp!

FYI… we’ve started working on Braintree webhooks.

Braintree now offers ACH payments. Are Braintree ACH payments supported by Invoice Ninja? Is Stripe the only ACH payment provider supported? Stripe requires either the customer going through the arduous task of verifying micro deposit amounts or that my company pay $500 a month for Plaid verification and the customer provide banking account login information.

If we go with Stripe, are customers given a choice between micro deposit and Plaid verification?

On another note, when the enable automatic processing fee inclusion in invoices, are the customers given ACH and credit card options and shown to cost of each?

Braintree ACH and Plaid are not supported.

Yes, both options w/fees are shown.

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So ACH is only supported in Stripe?

Does that implementation require that the customer use micro deposit account verification? Is there any way around this?

ACH is also supported with WePay on the hosted platform, if you’re self hosting the only option is Stripe.

The only option for verification is micro deposits.

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Does the WePay ACH gateway also require micro deposit verification?

Is it possible to implement a new payment gateway? Say Forte ACH

WePay also uses micro deposits.

We don’t have immediate plans to add any more payment gateways.


Where are you guys at with Plaid integration? It seems this should be something of usefulness to you guys at this point whether its allowing MY integration OR settting up your own Plaid account and charging a passthrough + rate. I just had a call with them and would like to get this up and running for us.

Feel free to email me directly.


We plan to add banking reconciliation in v5 but it’s unclear if we’ll use Plaid