Blurry text on desktop version v5

I’m testing selfhosted installation of V5 from docker, but I got a very bad feeling of many parts of the UI being very blurry text. Tested on the demo page (was before V4)
And got the same result:

Tested on mutliple OS, and browsers, this with 72dpi: 1920x1200 24" display.

Another blurry shot after zooming:


To clarify… are you using the web app or did you download the Linux or macOS desktop app?

I think it could be this issue:

I’m testing the webapp directly. I’ll take a look on the github. Thanks.

I tested this: window.devicePixelRatio = 2 and fixes it on Chrome but safari didn’t work.

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I think this is a bug in Chrome, it should be fixed in a future version. I believe it’s already fixed in the beta channel.