Blocked loading mixed active content because of absolute link


I finally successfully installed InvoiceNinja on Ubuntu, which reside in Docker (Container Manager) of my DS220 Synology NAS.

I also configured my installation to work with HTTPS. Then I installed a certificate and my NAS forward all HTTP to HTTPS.

Now I ran and the request is redirected to

The web page is destroy because the CSS file can not be reach

Firedebug, show me that error

Blocked loading mixed active content

Secondely, when I edit the source of the page, I can see this

<script src="[](view-source:" defer></script>

We can see HTTP, and for sure that the reason of the problem. I believe, the source of the CSS link are absolute.

My questions

  1. Where are the HTML file? I could edit and add s to the http protocol
  2. Can we change the source links from absolute to relative?

I edit the file
sudo nanao /var/www/invoiceninja/.env

and I modified the line to true
and I restarted my container, but it did not solve the problem.

However, I think, I solved the probem while writting that post
Then I rededit the .env file and I add * to TRUSTED_PROXY=* and that solved the problem!!!

But why?
The * allows all proxy IP addresses, it should not have an IP address or a range?
Should I change back to REQUIRE_HTTPS=false ? (I tried and it is still working with false, why?)

Thanks for the clarification


If you know the IP address range being used you can use it instead of *.

We recommend setting REQUIRE_HTTPS to true.

Thanks for your reply

What the correct syntaxe


for example debug is with "

Quotations are only needed if the value as a space in it but it’s a best practice to always use them

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