Blank Pdf. I cannot print

I have several invoices that for some reason when I edit them I can see the PDF as Preview without problems, but when I print them they come out blank. I have noticed that all the blank ones start with a line that says: pdf;base64 Do you know what could be happening?



Are you able to view/print the invoices in the client portal?


I have never tried it. I always log in with my account, create the invoices, print them in pdf and nothing else.

Have you tried using both the admin portal and the client portal?

In this case it would be the administration one. I am looking into the customer portal how to access…

OK, I’ve learned. I am in the customer portal, the invoice is blank.

@david any thoughts to debug this?


Which PDF generator are using? snappdf? hosted_pdf or phantom?

Is the blank page happening for all PDFs?

Hi! David

Only in some invoices it happens. The ones that have this problem, the text appears like this in the image: pdf;base64

I can see them when editing them, but they are blank when downloading or printing them.

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We’ve had a couple of reports of this, we can’t recreate but there may be some intermittent issue here. We’ve made some changes with the hosted pdf generator. Can you please advise if this is still happening.

Hello David,

How can we test the changes you did on the hosted generator? Did you deployed a new version?

As I mentioned on slack, I encountered the same issue. Switching to snappdf solved the issue. I don’t know what’s the advantages/disadvantages of staying with snappdf or reverting to the (corrected) hosted_ninja.


Snappdf will always be more performant as the pdf is generated locally.

Our hosted service requires the pdf to be generated on our servers so there is additional latency.

Still the same problem with some invoices.


Are there any errors in the browser console? We haven’t seen any issues for hosted_ninja for over a week now.

Hello, thank you very much for all the help.

This is the message I get. I don’t know if this is what you are asking for.

I also have a problem that when I modify an invoice, at the time of printing it does not take the changes.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 084429