Bizarre Zapier issue

I have a zap that I am triggering based off payment in Invoice Ninja. I then am using the “Find Client” step to grab the client from the ID. Regardless of what client it should be based on the test trigger, it continues to pull a deleted client I created when I first started testing. In other words, I have now tested it with clients that have ID 2,3 and 4 and all are pulling the same deleted client when it searches. I have a video that shows the issue here.

Thanks for the video! You can see in the browser URL the id for that client is 6

Nice, thanks for the tip. I think I’ve figured out what the issue is. The ID in the payment made is the ID for the payment not the client. Based on what I can tell there is no identifier I can grab to correlate via Zapier who the payment actually belongs to. Any ideas?

Maybe add a find invoice step to get the client id?

Bingo, I was just replying when you sent that. I did that and it works great now. Thanks @hillel !

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