Bitcoin via Stripe in Invoice Ninja

What would it take to enable Bitcoin payments in Invoice Ninja using the Stripe processor? I have a stripe account and have enabled Bitcoin payments, I just need to know what code to change in Invoice Ninja to enable it for my customers to pay. Any guides or roadmaps on this?

We recently implemented Stripe’s support for Sofort and Alipay. It’s likely we’ll add support for Bitcoin but aren’t able to provide an ETA. You may want to use BitPay in the meantime.

Here’s a basic overview of the required changes:

  • Add getBitcoinEnabled to app/Models/AccountGateway.php and return true
  • Update StripePaymentDriver.php driver to include Bitcoin as a supported gateway type, this should add ‘Bitcoin’ as an option when clicking ‘Pay Now’
  • Implement the Stripe Bitcoin request in the createSource function in StripePaymentDriver.php

Note: there may be more, this is just what I can think of.

Thanks for that. I do not need yet another account just to accept bitcoin when Stripe already does it so I will wait for it to be supported. Hopefully that can be in the next build ;). I can tinker around in my dev build and see if I can make it work until then.

Agreed, I’d LOVE to accept bitcoin via Invoice Ninja’s Stripe integration that already exists. It’s the easiest way for us to start the process.

Is there a Bitcoin (via stripe) feature requestion notification system I can join, to get updates as they happen?

You could create an issue on GitHub to track it.