Bill of material

Hi All.

New to InvoiceNinja, just got my self hosted working yesterday. V5 on windows 10.
I wanted to know if there is a way to add bill of materials.

I looked at forums, I saw the Tasks and Projects sections, which all need clients linked to them and really wont work. Can’t add each item line by line on an invoice as 100+ is sold each day mostly to 100 different clients.

I have a product which consist of multiple items I manufacture and some I buy, put together as one product, then sell.

eg. a craft kit which is
1 x craft ( some packs have up to 6 )
1x 6 pods of paint - pods ( holders ) and paint is from different vendors with different prices.
1x paint brush
1x packaging
1x product label

The thing I want to do is create the main craft selling item as a non stock item. ( service item )
then each time I sell one, the stock must be deducted from the items that make up the main item and not the selling item itself.
I don’t pre-make the craft items, its made as the order comes in.

i have worked with 3 different POS/Stock management software over the last 13 years as an installer, they all had some feature of this, the biggest software name is Sage Pastel.

Another way we used to use this feature was for beer, you have a single, a 6 pack, a 12 pack and a 24 pack. you have one item which had stock, the single item. the rest pull stock from the single item when sold, makes it easier to do purchases for the admin and easier for staff to count in front.

Hope this makes sense and that there is a way of doing this.


Could you create a single invoice which contains these products, and save it as a draft. Then when you need to generate an invoice, clone the invoice and set the client.

This should in effect give you the same outcome and allow you to use the inventory management.

Hi David,
Thank you for the reply.

I will try and use the invoice functionality if i can.
I have 900 products, all needing Bill of Materials, dont think it will be efficient doing it with invoicing.

If i sell 20 different products to the same client that will mean i will have over 100 items listed on that invoice.

Will keep that in google sheets, test invoicing only, if that doesnt workout ill remain on Google sheets.