Big bug using comma as decimal separator

Wehn using euro currency, it converts “35 EUR” into “3500.00 EUR”
It does happen using currency format: 1.000,00
It works fine with currency format: 1.000.00

This is a blocking issue as software cant be used.

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I think i just saw this one on github, can you see if setting use Comma as Decimal (Settings > Account Management) fixes this please.

Thanks, David.
Well, it does not “fix” it but “avoids” the problem.
The bug happens when using dot as decimal separator.
I mean, we are forced to use comma as decimal, either we will get the error.
Shouldn’t it work fine without that option?


We’ll need to wait for @hillel to comment on this one.

Have you tried enabling the decimal comma option on Settings > Localization

If I enable decimal comma option, it works fine.
But that doesn’t fix the bug, just hide it.
When not using comma, amounts change anormally, I think that’s a bug

I think I’m helping you here and on GitHub, please only post an issue in one place.

Yes, you’re right, I wasn’t sure when I created the bug report.
I’m moving to github. Thanks :wink:

Sounds good, thank you!