Best way to put terms under the totals

On the invoice template, my terms are a bit long and they go in beside the price totals making the terms clump up. Is there a good way to instead put my terms in the footer only on the last invoice page? For instance if I have 2 pages of items, I dont want both pages to have the terms in the footer it is just wasting space.

I put this in the Includes:
[data-ref=“total_table-terms”] { display: none }

Then put this at the very bottom of my Body and it moves to the bottom:
[data-ref=“total_table-terms”] { display: none }

This is not formatting well… I know have read about this somewhere, but is there any way to use my method above, and also have page numbers, currently if the terms are near the footer, it just prints it on top of the page numbers.


Maybe this will help: