Best way to apply a "fee" to client?

I’m wondering how I can best go about adding a “fee” to a client so that the next time an invoice is raised, this fee automatically gets added or a notification about this fee presents itself.

My situation is that I take bookings for my business. In the event that a client does not show up without communication, I wish to add a fee to their client entry. If they then return in the future, I wish for this to be added to the next invoice or be notified in some way that this fee should be added.

Basically fees that get added to the account and some way to be reminded of these fees when a client comes back.

I could make a draft invoice with the fee and leave it there, but then I might end up with a big list of drafts so this wouldn’t suit.

Do you have any suggestion on how I can accomplish this elegantly? If no such way exists, it would be awesome to have a feature where you can have a note displayed for particular clients when raising the next invoice.


One idea may be to create a group which applies a fee to an invoice 0 days after the invoice date.

To have the fee be applied to the client you’d just need to add them to the group.

Thanks for the reply.

How can I achieve this?

Not sure how to make a group and have the fee apply.

You can create a group on Settings > Group Management. Once you create a group you can set custom settings on Settings > Templates and Reminders for the group.

Thanks, I can see the group and their options but Templates & Reminders pertains only to customisation of the outgoing email content for the group. This seems irrelevant to automatically add the fee 0 days after invoice date here. Am I missing something or is it somewhere else to have the fee automatically added to invoices?

I believe you can set a fee but keep the send email option is disabled.

What I mean is under Templates & Reminders…it’s just the email content and variables. Where am I actually putting a dollar amount and having a fee applied in this section?

You need to select a reminder template

Ah, gotcha! This presents Late fee amounts and percentages, and the schedule options.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Awesome, happy to help!

Just went to actually try this properly and whenever I put in “0” days and choose “After the invoice date”, whenever I hit save, the 0 is just cleared from the “Days” field.

Any ideas?

Sorry, the form may not accept 0 as a value

I see! So at present there is no other suggestion/option for what I’m trying to achieve here?

Not that I’m aware of, you may want to create a GitHub issue to request support for it.

Done: Apply Fee to client (which applies to next invoice automatically) · Issue #8802 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja (

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