Best Practices for Archiving Invoices

I’m in the process of moving from zoho invoice, and currently testing invoice ninja.
Trying to understand the purpose of archiving an invoice, since this doesn’t seem to be something automatic.

I realize now that invoices stay on my dashboard as active invoices forever, until I archive the invoice. Is best practice to archive monthly? Once a year? Any tips or tricks here?
Is there any way to automatically archive based on certain criteria?



There is an option to automatically archive invoices once they’re paid on Settings > Workflow Settings.

Oh, incredible, thanks.
Is that best practice to archive after it’s paid?

I saw the feature to lock an invoice as well… I assume it can be unlocked, or no?

Additionally, I archived the test invoice (for $230), but my dashboard still shows $230 active for invoices. Is that not based on active (non-archived) invoices, or where does this number come from?

We don’t have a recommended best practice, it’s whatever works best for you.

The dashboard/reports include active/archived and exclude deleted.

Ah okay, so the active is actually a total of all invoices in the system in perpetuity? In zoho I’m used to my dashboard showing this Fiscal Year’s data (which can be switched to previous FY, or last 12 months views).

Ignore that last question, I now saw the drop down for selecting a time/date range, which then changes what the active calculation is… this is perfect! Loving this system more and more as I test around.
Just need to figure out how best to actually do my cutover :slight_smile:

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