Batch print all invoices


Is it in the self host possible to batch print all invoices at once? Or get a large PDF with all invoices?


You may be able to do this with Zapier

But Zapier doesn’t work with self host?

We added self host support to Zapier a few months ago :slight_smile:

Cool! I missed that, although I follow the change log frequently.
But I can’t find the docs for making the integration? I created a Zapier account and I made a private Zapier app: but can’t find docs about which URL’s to setup?

You need to create a zap to the Invoice Ninja app and then specify your server’s API URL.

Aha OK, got it all wrong then. Great feature thanks!

How would you do the integration? I made a push to search integration, but I can only search on invoice ID and not on date.

Maybe make a spreadsheet with the list of ids and use that for the input.

Cool it worked with this chain.
Only my webserver crashed because the bunch of requests. So I had to click retry one by one in Zapier.
But I will reinstall my webserver one of these days, must have something wrong about concurrent users.

Glad to hear it worked!

If you can run the requests sequentially it may be better.