Batch invoicing of tracked times, filtered by customers and time?

I’m currently using a different solution, but would like to switch. I’m therefore testing invoicing-co to see whether it suits me.

I collect my activities in time tracking; a few activities per week, distributed to a few customers. Every few months I create an invoice from the tracked activities.

How does this work in or InvoiceNinja? I only see the possibility of manually selecting activities in TimeTracking using individual checkmarks.
Can’t I just create an invoice that includes all tracked activities in period X from customer Y that have not yet been invoiced?

Here an example-screenshot, what I’m looking for. Maybe this is solved differently in Invoicing-co?!


You can accomplish that by using the task report. You can set the filters and then use the action menu in the top right corner to invoice the tasks.

Note: it looks like you’re using the old web app. You can access the new web app at or download the desktop app OS tools - Free Invoicing Software for Small Businesses | Invoice Ninja.

If you’re creating a lot of tasks you may also want to consider installing the Chrome extension.

Thank you!

The web-app has just reloaded to update.

I’m rather new to InvoiceNinja … I can’t find “task report” to invoice the tasks.
In the main menu I found “Berichte” (german for report). Choosing “Aktivitäten” (german for activities / tasks?), does not show anything. EXPORT-Button only downloads an empty CSV.

Did you mean that menu, when you pointed me to the “tasks report”? I hope I’m not missing something obvious.

Here are two screenshots:

The task report is currently available in the old web app and the desktop app.