Barclays payment gateway setup


I am trying to connect my Barclays ePDQ account with Invoice Ninja.

I have entered my merchant ID where it says Client ID and then I tried to pay an invoice.

Unfortunately it just says there was an error and doesn’t give any further details.

I don’t think it is possible to connect to Barclaycard with just a Merchant ID. At the very least I think it will need to SHA-IN hashing key to generate a valid url. But there is no place to specific this data on the invoiceninja interface.

Can you explain more how to configure the Barclaycard payment gateway.



We use Omnipay ( as an abstraction layer to support our payment integrations.

I’ve reviewed the docs for the Barclay’s integration (, it looks like it’s very much non-standard.

I don’t believe the integration will work as it is, we’ll try to get this resolved in a future release and hide it for now.

thanks for the quick response. That’s unfortunate that you don’t support Barclays.

If I went for your self hosted option could we edit the code to integrate Barclays ourself.

I am not technical but we have a developer that could do it.


If you’d be willing to share your changes with us by creating a pull request on GitHub it’d be very much appreciated. We’d be happy to provide technical support to your developer.

ok thanks. I will see what we can do. We have Barclays integrated on our own website so we should have the skills to understand the integration.



I use self hosted invoice ninja, and we use for our online payments “Barclays” I was trying to setup it up, but no luck, I entered the merchant ID as client id, and didn’t change the other options, as a result it didn’t work with a message of failure and instructing me to check the log file, which I don’t know where it could be saved.

I’m wondering if @seano managed to get “Barclays” to work, and if I’m missing any thing.


hi Mosa

We didn’t get around to integrating Barclays with Invoice ninja. As I understand it there is no Barclays integration options at the moment for Invoice Ninja. You would have to write your own integration using the self hosted open source.

sorry we couldn’t help

Thanks @seano for your reply, actually Barclays integration is on invoice ninja, I will appreciate any head ups from @Hillel Coren as I updated the Omnipay but still no luck.

Invoice ninja states that it is integrated with barclaycard but this is not true. At least in 2016 it wasn’t true. They are just assuming the omnipay will work but this was not the case for the version of barclaycard that is use.

It list a shame really as barclaycard is big in Europe and invoice ninja is missing out on a large share of the market

@Bud-n-Tod, we’re happy to work with you to fix the gateway.

Please send an email to and we’ll try to help.