Bank Transfers

Should a customer chhose to pay the invoice by bank transfer (i.e.) not by the ‘Pay Now’ button, is there a way they can have a ‘I’ve paid’ option?

I guess I’m asking how people deal with this without having to manually check the bank account each time before a reminder is sent out.

If you’ve been paid offline you’d want to manually enter the payment.

Thanks Hillel. I just wondered if there’s a way of minimising the checking of the bank account and allowing the customer to change the invoice to ‘Customer says they’ve paid’ status.

Perhaps at that point it prompts you to manually check and then enter the payment. Otherwise I may forget to check, client may not tell me, and the reminders may go out.

Perhaps a new feature request?

We’ll consider it for the future…

If you accept bank transfers through the app (ie, Stripe ACH) this would be automatic.

I’m not sure ACH works in the UK. I think our equivalent is Faster Payments, but I’m not sure which of the available gateways allow it?

Or does ACH work here?

You’d need to check with Stripe, I’m not sure.

Its US Only:

“You can only accept funds in USD and only from U.S. bank accounts. In addition, your account must have a U.S./USD bank account to accept ACH payments.”

Personally I wouldn’t like the option of clients saying they’ve paid. I would only trust the automated system via pay now or manually myself to confirm payment is received.