Bank transfer isn't an option for clients?

I have bank transfer enabled on stripe. However, when clients go to their portal the only option they have available is Credit Card.

I’ve looked everywhere but I don’t see where I would need to specifically enable Bank Transfer so they can use ACH info. I do have one client who had saved their ACH info prior to the upgrade to v5 and are the only ones you can pay via ach. Coincidentally, I also get a stripe webhook error everytime they pay.


Can you confirm that the client country is US and currency is USD?

Yes to both. US business with a US bank account and USD

@david do you have any ideas?

updated to the latest, no change. Screen shot of my settings:

Client view, payment methods screen on a client that doesn’t currently have a Bank transfer payment method.

Figured it out… sort of.

I had a limit for Max set on both Bank and Credit card. Removing the max, it now shows up for all clients. If re-enabled the max limit only Credit card shows up. :man_shrugging:

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