Bank Transactions | See Transactions of one bank, find transaction by nordigen_transaction_id

Hi all,

I am having some issues with the transactions. I have integrated several bank accounts and payment gateways to sync via goCardless / Nordigen. This works well, all transactions show up and I can manually match them to invoices / expenses.

For the matching process it would be nice to go by account, basically: show me all transactions from PayPal, so I can match all expenses that I have paid via PayPal. It seems like this is not possible at all in the react interface, and it is only possible through a complicated manoeuvre in the flutter interface, going through settings, bank accounts, clicking onto a bank account and then clicking onto the transactions arrow.
Is it feasible to make the filter, so I can filter transactions by Bankaccount? Also in the react app, there is no way to show wich bank account the transaction is from, which makes it sometimes difficult to understand the context of the transaction.

I would also like to auto reconcile invoices with stripe payments, which seems impossible via the api or otherwise. The transaction id (what is called nordigen_transaction_id in the database table) is not searchable or available to the api. Yet this is the connecting piece to match stripe transactions to the corresponding invoice.
The only option that I see is to connect to the database directly to find the matching transaction. I would assume technically this would enable me to generate a hashed id for the transaction and then match the invoice via api, but this would make it super difficult to automatically reconcile.

Based on my research and looking at the code I assume that both these issues are by design. Or do I misunderstand any of this? Is there any chance any of this could change? What would the usual process be?

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Thanks for the feedback, here’s the general process:

To request a change in the React app please create an issue here:

To request a change in the Flutter app please create an issue here:

To request a change in the API please create an issue here:

Thanks, I will create issues accordingly.