Bank statements - custom columns

Hello, (i need help or add feature)

is there efficient way to automate import of bank statement. I use Import - Transactions and choose the CSV file which i need to import. Ok, then it requires me or other person to manually check every transaction and pair it with the invoice… to result in automatic creation of payment…i cannot repeat this 600+ times every month :smile: (yes there could be custom scriptor other paid subscirption thing)

What will solve our problems:
I noticed while experimenting that other imports e.g. invoices allow map data to other field e.g. customer - name, payment - date, invoice - number, item - custom 1…

Could be something similar done in the Transactions import?
So e.g. one transaction has: bank account, amount, date, contract id…
Each customer has values like VAT number, Contract id or other which identifies customer (if multiple customers have same name)
During import we would map contract id to customer- custom1 or other identifier of customer.

We have tried to use:

  • customer name = transaction - description
    – leads to creating new customer, even if customer with exactly same name exists
  • IBAN or Contract ID or other identifier = transaction - description
    – will find number e.g. 01481 of invoice in IBAN number, which will get wrong customer

Thank you for any advice.
Also is there some better manual for bank rules? maybe that is the solution, but cannot figure how to set them: e.g. description or category would be something like $customer.custom1


This isn’t currently supported, feel free to create an issue to request it.