Bank feeds now available?

I just saw on the hosted version site that bank feeds are now available?

If that is the case which banks are currently supported in Invoice Ninja?
I assume bank feeds are available in the self-hosted version too right?

Thanks in advance.
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The hosted app uses Yodlee to support this feature, it isn’t available with the selfhost version.

We may add support for Nordigen in the future.

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Thanks for the reply @hillel :smiley:

So is this something that you will make available eventually in the self hosted version too in the future?

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The code is already available, the problem is Yodlee’s pricing doesn’t make sense for selfhost users. I believe their plans start at a few hundred dollars per month.

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Right, that is a potential issue. Paying hundreds of dollars per month doesn’t make sense to most companies unless you’re e-retailer / e-commerce with thousands of automated transactions/sales/invoices etc.

How come you make that integration knowing that many would not use it?

I saw one guy mentioning “” which now redirects to Bank Account Data | GoCardless
They seem reasonable and even has a free plan for low data users .Could that be something?

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We chose Yodlee because they’re one of the best providers, their pricing makes sense for our hosted platform.

We’re looking into adding Nordigen, the issue is linked above.


Thanks Hillel.

Yes, I guess your cost to using Yodlee is spread out over all the users paying so it not a big deal there.

That sounds great thank you. I will read that too about the issue then.

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We can all get together and make up a way to do this…

We are looking at Nordigen right now. So far it looks to good to be true. A bit like a GDPR (UK/FR/EU company) compatible version of Plaid (U.S. based company, allowing to connect 100 bank accounts for free, great for personal use).

For later readers: Nordigen/ GoCardless seems to earn their money by offering hosted customer portals, payment collection, connection of bank accounts of companies you deliver goods to and credit ability checks.

Still reading up what is actually covered by their ISO 27k license, how to delete your accounts (just in case we need to pull the plug), what capabilites you are giving them via your bank connection and from how far back you can request transaction history.

Any help in this research is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This feature is being worked on, you can track progress here,

There are limitations to the free options for Nordigen, i believe you can only pull in transactions once per month.

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