Bank details in the customer portal


How can I change the customer portal so that I can offer the option in the profile for the customer to store their bank details themselves or various other options. There is the profile itself, billing address and delivery address. Bank details would be great!


One option would be to configure ‘Bank details’ as a custom client field and then make the field visible on Settings > Client Portal > Registration.


This is available!

Unfortunately, nothing can be found in the client login (customer portal) under “Profile”. :frowning:
How do I make that visible there?

@david can you please advise?

I would like existing customers to be able to change their IBAN/BIC accordingly at any time in the customer portal!

Account details are not visible here! :frowning:

Push?! Why no Answer :frowning:

@david any thoughts?

Currently not available, you can add it as a feature request on github

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Github! Could someone open something like this for me?

go to github, create an account, write this in detail as a feature request. it’s very easy. :slight_smile: