Bancontact with Stripe


I have just added Stripe to process payments.
“Bancontact” is added on my Stripe account (like credit cards, Sofort, Bitcoin,…".
Indeed, I don’t see the “Bancontact” option to check in my Invoice Ninja parameters.

What can I do to activate it ?

Thanks in advance for any support,


It isn’t yet supported.

Oh… Okay…
And is it a way to ask for it in the next release ?
Or… how can I develop a home made addon to use it ?

Thanks for your answers,


This is the first time it’s been requested, if more users request it we’ll look into implementing it.

If you’re a developer you can implement it yourself.

Thanks for the info.
No problem to implement it by myself (and even post the code for other).
Indeed, I would like to continue to update my self-hosted Invoice Ninja without any risk to lose my modifications.
What is the best way to add my own code for Bancontact payments and continue to update normally ?

Create a PR against our develop branch which is merged.

One more vote for Bancontact! How many votes do you need? I’m sure most users won’t come here to make a request. I just found this by accident.

Thanks for the feedback!

No problem, but do you have any plans on implementing this functionality? It is by far the most popular payment gateway in Belgium and probably a lot of other countries too.

We hope to support it in the future but aren’t able to commit to a date.

You can use Mollie, wich containes Bancontact…

Mollie is not so easy to use.
A small part of my activities concerns hosting of applications that I develop.
So, they have seen the word “hosting” on my web site and they refuse to activate credit card payments.
I have changed to Stripe because I want also credit card payments of course.
In a few words: Mollie, wrong choice. Stripe, good choice, except inside InvoiceNinja


I don’t know what the status is on this, but i am also interested in using Bancontact…
is Stripe the way to go?

+1 for Bancontact (and Maestro and iDeal) for Stripe & Invoice Ninja.

In Belgium Bancontact/Maestro is favored, in the Netherlands iDeal is favored, both over CC so it would increase payments alot!

Hope it gets added soon or if someone was able to code already please feel free to share.

I need to implement bancontact in my web site , it is activated in stripe but the documentation is not very clear so if anyone can help me with the integration I would e grateful

+1 for Bancontact here also!

Edit: I just saw I already voted this one, sorry :slight_smile:

+1 for Bancontact