Balance Due / Total Invoice

Hi guys,
I’ve just started trying InvoiceNinja and I love it!!! It’s awesome!
Doing some testes I’ve seen that in the invoice PDF, at the bottom there is written “Balance Due” instead of “Total Invoice”. If there is not a “Total Invoice” and there has been already a payment, in the invoice there is no total at all.
For what I know (at least in Italy), the invoice should report the total, regardless the due balance.
So I guess that there should be a “Balance Due” field and under it a “Total Invoice” field (this last one being the most evident).
What do you think?

Thanks for the kind words!

You may be able to achieve this by changing the label for ‘Balance Due’ on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_labels.

Hi Hillen,
I think that it’s more of a conceptual error, because in a 10.000€ invoice if in the field “Partial/Deposit” I write 1000€, this is subtracted from the “Balance Due” and this is correct. If I rename the “Balance Due” field to “Total Invoice”, this total would be wrong because the total is still 10.000€ but in this field there will be 9.000€.


I think you’d need to modify the code to accomplish this then.

We’ll consider adjusting our implementation in a future release.

Good to know.
Thanks again!


Is there a solution yet? I have the same requirements. I do not want to show the Balance Due in my invoice, but I need to show the total amount. Is this possible without changing the code?

Thanks and regards

No, this hasn’t been changed.


I’ve the same needs… There is no workaround for accomplish this?

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In our latest version (v3.3) we’ve added ‘Invoice Total’ as an optional field on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_fields.

Thank you for your reply Hillel.
I’ve updated my installation and found the setting.

BTW I think that the “Total Invoice” amount should be added also after the “Balance Due”.

Thank you again for this wonderful software, I’m thinking to buy the white label license!

Kind regards

Do you mean at the bottom of the invoice?

We don’t currently support customizing that part.

No, I mean at the end of the column.

I’ve attached an image.


kind regards


It can be added with a custom design but requires re-implementing the subtotals section.

If you’d like help from a developer you can submit a request here:

what about the (app)hosted version? When do we expect to see the “invoice total” field?

We hope to release v3.3.1 later today, it should be deployed to in a few weeks.


Can you please tell me in what file we need to make changes for re-implementing the subtotals section?
Is it this file: app/Models/invoice.php ?