Background / Stamp PDF for quotes and invoices

I use a letter paper with all company data as background for my sales quotes, sales invoices and sales order (PDF). So I have set #company-address, .company-logo and #company-address to display: none. After downloading the generated pdf I can add the letter paper as background with pdftk (pdfchain) before sending it to the customer.
Is it possible to integrate the background pdf in the invoice template of invoiceninja5?
Also the possibility to integrate a stamp (PDF) would be great.


There’s an option on Settings > Invoice Design to show a paid stamp on the PDF.

Feel free to create an issue on GitHub to request support for backgrounds.

Thank you for your tipp. I have solved this issue by creating a systemd service with pdftk which adds a background pdf to my documents after saving them in a dedicated directory. At the moment this works for me.

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Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing your solution!