Back dating invoice

Hi all,

Invoice Ninja sends the invoices on the first day of the month, but the invoice should be dated last day of the previous month, as the invoice covers work done in the previous month.

Is that possible with Ninja Invoice?


Sorry, the first post was a bit brief. I should have said “I have configured Invoice Ninja to send invoices on the first day of the month”. Invoices are send on the 1st of the month (say 1 Dec 2018) but should have an Invoice date of the last of the previous month (in this case 30 Nov 2018).

Sorry, it isn’t supported. The invoice date is always be set to the date the invoice is created.

Hi Hillel,

I had a look this morning to see if I could hack this by updating the invoice_date of the recurring invoice prior to it being processed into an actual invoice which then gets sent. It seems the app is using the start_date of the recurring invoice to set the invoice_date of the actual invoice. Do you know if updating the code so the app would use the invoice_date of the recurring invoice instead of the start_date would break anything else?

As far as I can tell the invoice_date of the recurring invoice is set by the app but not used so I could run a SQL script to update the invoice_date of the recurring invoice just before it’s being processed into an actual invoice. The selection criteria (presumably last_sent_date) would remain the same.


Sorry, hard to answer.


Here is a workaround.

I would like to add to this topic.
I cannot back date recurring invoices and believe this is not necessary for the following reason.

This is from my experience.

Let’s say I charge a once off fee for a service and then I also charge a subscription fee monthly for the service.

Therefore ideally one should have one invoice for the once off fee and one invoice for the recurring fee.

However what I have done is on the first invoice I have billed for the service once off fee and the pro rata subscription fee.

Then I create another invoice which is recurring but this begins from the second subscription date whether monthly or yearly.

I notice a recurring invoice can be done from any future date just not a previous date.

I migrating from an offline invoice system which had a years worth of a very few recurring invoices plus I have come across new ones today as well.

I hope this would help people looking for an understanding and solution.

At first it didn’t occur to me to do this but it makes sense.