Automation with Make and Amelia Booking WP plugin

Dear Invoice Ninja Team,

I am using your software for a year now (white label) and I am happy with every new feature that comes with it.

Since we are using Wordpress and have an Amelia Booking plugin we decided to create an automation which is very handy. Amelia has web hooks functionality. Every time a booking is complete a trigger becomes available. Make (integromat) and Zapier offer a web hook functionality. We tried to set it up but failed. When a web hook fires, the automation tools receive data. We see this data for a particular customer. As far as we can understand, the fields are different in web hook and in Invoice Ninja. What we want is that Invoice Ninja creates a new task with the customer, start and end time of the booking, start and end date of the booking, price/amount of the money and notes. We are facing problems because it seems that Invoice Ninja doesn’t have firstName and lastName values and Amelia doesn’t have e.g. start and end time of the booking fields.

Any hint and help is appreciated.


If I’m understanding correctly you can add a search client step to look up the client’s contact info.

Hi hillel,

I will describe what I have achieved so far and the problems. One of the hindrances is that there is no way to see the clientID in the GUI of Invoice Ninja. While Amelia fires a web hook, it sends own client ID. BTW there is no way to see this clientID in Amelia too. So a clear and decisive identification is not possible because Amelia has its own clientIDs and they do not correspond with the clientIDs of Invoice Ninja. What I did for now is kind of a crutch.

First I set up an extra scenario in Make with web hook from Amelia “booking canceled”. After the web hook I set up a “List clients” module of Invoice Ninja in Make. After creating a dummy booking in Amelia and cancelling it while letting Make scenario in listening mode (Run once) I could retrieve the whole list of clients from Invoice Ninja. I saved this list in a text file. I could find Invoice Ninja’s clientIDs of every client and I manually put this clientIDs in Amelias client’s special info filed under client information in the GUI. This way I could map this field to the clientID field of Invoice Ninja. While this is not the best solution, it works. Hope it helps someone. Advices are appreciated.


You can view the client ids in the app by adding the id column to the client report.

Hi hillel,

got your idea! Thank you for the hint!