Automatically send initial email at a later date

Hi Hillel,

I see there is an option to automatically send a reminder before/after due date. I have two questions about that:

  1. “reminder” suggests the client has already received a manually sent initial email before. This is not necessarily the case. I might want to issue an invoice now for a later date, maybe in two months, so I don’t have to think about it later or write a reminder to myself to do it at that later date. So I can create the invoice now and give it a later invoice+due date, but the client doesn’t need to know about it now. The client should get the initial email at that later date too. In other words: How can I tell Invoice Ninja to send the initial email at that later date - not a reminder.

  2. The setting for automatic emails seems to be a global setting per reminder (1st/2nd/3rd). That means taking the risk of emails being sent that I didn’t intend to be sent, at least not at that time and/or to that client, thus upsetting the client… Is there an option to “set and forget” the sending of an email at a later date for a particular invoice (or, at least, for a particular client)?

Thank you & shabbat shalom

You can change the settings in reminders, for the first reminder change the options to send 1 day before invoice date, then change the text to suit.

Thanks billyggla, where is this setting on the invoice page (for that particular invoice, not global)?

We don’t support per-invoice settings, I think the suggestion was to use the 1st reminder as the initial email by changing the subject/body of the email.

With recent versions of the app you can edit a client to prevent them from receiving reminders.

I think it would make more sense to send to chose I want to rather than having to opt out for all those I don’t want to send to.

How about adding the option to auto-send the initial email instead of the first reminder?

If you’re self hosting you can change the default for the table.

If we get more requests for the feature we’ll definitely consider it.